Welcome to SHARE Architects Community

For 25 years, SHARE Architects has been connecting architects and contractors throughout the most representative network of events in Central and Southeast Europe.

Through SHARE Architects we have made it our mission to find ways to communicate, share and exchange values, know-how and examples of good practices between East and West with the idea in mind of an inclusive, free and conscious professional environment to work in, to represent architectural excellence in our built environment and to open the possibility to work and create better in a context that benefits from administrative, political and investor’s support.

At the same time, we believe that there is an unused potential of expression in the architectural profession in Central and Eastern European region and that architects could benefit from more representativeness on a European and global level achieved through proper means of communication and networking.

Since 2018, SHARE Architects welcomed 600 attendees and 64 speakers at the three editions of the SHARE Forum in Belgrade. 16 Serbian architectural personalities are members of the SHARE Architects Society, an exclusive group within the SHARE Architects network of 603 international architectural leaders from 42 countries. More than 1612 professionals from Serbia are registered in the SHARE Architects community.

SHARE Architects events are organised annually in the following EU countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovenia and outside the EU in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia. SHARE Architects events have also been organised in Venice (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic) and Bratislava ( Slovakia).

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