The future architect has to be a good manager and a good politician

Interview with architect Vladimir Lojanica published in the book “Designing the profile of the future architects”. Andreea Movila: What do you think will be those qualities relevant for a young architect to be prepared for the future? Vladimir Lojanica: For the time being I think that this profession is developing in a certain direction which […]

Can beauty save the world?

What is the power of architecture to change the world. How can we increase this power to be much more efficient? How does the future of architecture looks like? arch. Ivan Rašković, professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade has answered these questions in an interview for Interviewer: Who are you as an […]

Designing the Profile of the Future Architect By Marija Simović, Petar Simović

First and foremost, the Future Architect MUST fight the everyday stigma that’s being glued to this profession. That means that the Future Architect must resist the pattern of behavior of this profession so that the Architecture can progress. We cannot know for sure what that stigma is en général because each community has its own […]